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trust ecosystem for neo-energy assets traceability, management, trading and disclosures due to climate-related ESG criteria

Value proposition

Electrodo solves financial
and energy transition

Trustful and verifiable process of energy assets traceability, management, trading and disclosures

Environmental planning and risk management

Increase market capitalization and enterprise value driven by climate-related ESG factors

The core idea of Electrodo is described in its logo

Today we need an “epistemological break” for financial sector, economy, and humanity.
To meet this challenge we are building Electrodo as ecosystem based on rethinking the traditional role of electricity due to its evolutionary process:

Electricity as an
energy source

Electricity as a
tradeable commodity

Neo-Electricity as a measure of value and сornerstone of neo-financial system

Initially Electrodo have started as internal R&D project named Robocharge (video presentation) to find solution for trust and secure P2P economic interactions in open electricity markets between machines (M2M) and humans (H2M). In Q4 2019, based on results of this R&D, has launched development process of product Electrodo. So Electrodo is spin-off powered by company with 7 years of expertise in DeepTech.

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is an electronic document management system for the high-quality management of electronic agreements in the energy market created to provide transparent control over documentation, which is guaranteed using Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS technologies.

Blockchain technology guarantees the immutability and authenticity of data, as well as makes it impossible to hide changes.

Energy of trust

Corporate social RESPONSIBILITY and ESG impact

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlines the world’s common agenda for 2030.  

We combine sustainability and economic growth

Scientific & Educational Activities

The professional team, which includes leading experts, deeply studies those issues, the solution of which requires multifaceted expertise. We help society realize the importance of innovations.
We believes that technological transformation is dependent on the education of the next generation of professionals

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